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Thứ Ba, 18 tháng 12, 2012

Cơ Sở vật Lý Khoa Học Viễn Tưởng - 12/12

Sci Fi Science Physics of The Impossible S01 720p HDTV DD5.1 x264-CtrlHD

Cơ Sở vật Lý Của Khoa Học Viễn Tưởng  - 12 tập
Explore the world of the seemingly impossible with the all-new series SCI FI SCIENCE. Hosted by internationally-renowned physicist and co-founder of string field theory, Dr. Michio Kaku, this series poses the idea that science fiction may not be so far from science fact. Examine topics that currently seem so far out… of the realm of possibility, such as invisibility cloaks, teleportation, time travel and more


S01E01 : "How To Explore The Universe\"
Exploring the universe on a ship that can boldly go where no man has gone before isn\'t just a sci fi fantasy. This episode reveals how we really could one day build a warp drive and set out on our own star trek.

S01E02 : "How To Travel To A Parallel Universe\"

A gateway to a world of limitless possibilities, the parallel universes of science fiction turn out to be as real as they are fantastic. This episode reveals how future civilisations could build a machine to reach one.

S01E03 : "How To Blow Up A Planet\"
In this episode the host visits the world\'s largest laser in California to find out if fusion power could be used to create a real-life Death Star.

S01E04 : "How To Teleport\"

Teleportation is sci fi\'s most exciting way to travel - imagine zapping your molecules through space on a transporter beam right out of the movies. This episode reveals how we might all one day be doing such a thing.

S01E05 : "How To Become Invisible\"

A cloak of invisibility isn\'t just some Harry Potter fantasy. This episode reveals that vanishing into thin air could be much closer than we think.

S01E06 : "How To Travel Through Time\"

Hurtling back in time to visit the dinosaurs is not an impossible fantasy - this episode considers blueprints for a working time machine that will let us visit the past and travel back to the future.

S01E07 : "How To Build A Starship\"

Cruising across the galaxy in a starship powered by anti-matter may not be some sci fi writer\'s impossible dream, as this episode shows while exploring a potential spacecraft that can journey to the stars.

S01E08 : "How To Build A Light Sabre\"
This episode shows the theoretical physics behind building a light sabre or similar weapon.

S01E09 : "How To Build A Sci Fi Robot\"
This episodes presents the hosts\' designs for creating an intelligent robot similar to those found in films such as Star Wars. Will his new design work?

S01E10 : "How To Become A Superhero\"
Imagine turning yourself into a crime-fighting superhero just like Batman. In this episode the host designs a suit that could give the wearer the super powers of a comic book superhero.

S01E11 : "How To Build A Flying Saucer\"

Defying gravity and hurtling through space, the flying saucer is the ultimate science fiction vehicle. This episode reveals how one day we could all be using the aliens\' favourite mode of transport.

S01E12 : "How To Build A Force Field\"
Every starship needs armour to protect it from asteroids and enemy attack. This episode reveals how science could be used to create force fields that might one day save our space craft from benign or malicious onslaught.

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